Nuno Patrício (b.1985), graphic
designer/ visual artist based
in Lisbon, Portugal;

                      Editor and director of O Fluxo⧉; editor at Colher⧉; collaborating artist at Pluie/ Noir⧉;

Selected Works:

Data.Mine Conflux; Repetition on Sort/ Rain:::: ;
O Fluxo Issue #01 LM MMXIII; USB Count XD;
Exo Access-mirl; Access;
New Jpegs*; pnem01;
Reality Check; Business Creatine PRO-V;
Phone Events/ Phone arts;
Attached Files; An Inter-Web Data Romance; White Noise Is The New Black; Collected Keyframes;

I've also been making some
mixtapes⧉ and collecting visual
references at Mu/Th/Ur⧉.

You can see the complete
information listed here⧉ and
send an e-mail⧉. Archive⧉.
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